January 26 - 28, 2023

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Chairman Awards

See below for the full list of 2023 Chairman Award Winners.

Member of the Year

Thomas Sloan & Whitley Cooper

The First-Ever Chairman Award Member of the Year is for the most notable leading force in the broker channel, a shining example of a leader in our midst not just working to grow their own business, but working for the betterment of the entire wholesale community.

Team Member of the Year

Karis Koehn

The First-Ever Chairman Award- Team Member of the Year is for the AIME Team Member whose work throughout 2022 was foundational to ensuring the AIME Team’s success heading into 2023. Their work exemplifies that the broker community is best as a team; together, we’re more than the sum of our already remarkable parts.

Partner of the Year - Individual

Desmond Smith

The First-Ever Partner of the Year (Individual) Award is for the Individual employed by an AIME Partner who has selflessly gone above the call of duty, contributing the most time, energy, and direct support to AIME and its members, empowering us to lead the broker channel into a landmark year of new success.

Partner of the Year - Company


The First-Ever Partner of the Year (Company) Award is for the AIME Partner who has been the most committed to the growth of the Broker channel in 2022; through its invaluable support of its members, and thus homeowners nationwide, AIME and the wholesale community have a brighter 2023 to look forward to.

Local Brokerage of the Year

NXT Mortgage

The First-Ever Chairman Award - Local Brokerage of the Year is for the brokerage of AIME members who have proved time and time again that brokers are better. This brokerage has achieved beyond all expectations by servicing their local communities with the best services and resources available anywhere, with the genuine human connection and consideration that retail can’t touch

Regional Brokerage of the Year

Co-Lab Lending

The First-Ever Chairman Award - Regional Brokerage of the Year is for the brokerage of AIME members who exemplified broker success in their region, and elevated the awareness, repuatation, and business to scale previously unseen from a brokerage of its scale.

Nationwide Brokerage of the Year

Edge Home Finance

The First-Ever Chairman Award - Nationwide Brokerage of the Year is for the most widely recognized AIME members who are synonymous with broker success and the large-scale betterment and spread of awareness of the broker community. This brokerage has been synonymous with success for the entirety of 2022.

Committee of the Year

Government Affairs

The First-Ever Chairman Award- Committee of the Year is for the AIME Committee who has been invaluable to AIME’s endeavors to spread the word, the power, and the business of the broker channel. With this committee’s benevolent efforts to advocate for us, they’ve brought the broker community to new environments, new audiences, and to new, unprecedented heights in 2022.


Trevor Barrett

Barrett Financial Group

Julie Yarbrough

Empire Home Loans

Willie Newman



Round of Golf with Tom Ahles

Kris Radermacher

Guest on Broker to Broker

Sam Parker

Magic Johnson Autographed Hat

George Burkley

Magic Johnson Autographed Hat

Trey Raymond

Magic Johnson Autographed Basketball

Joe Almeida

Sugarloaf Mountain Getaway

Jeff Leinan

Rolling Yeti Cooler

Mike Cox

AIME Academy Bundle

Steph Christianson

Breckenridge Getaway

Phil Shoemaker

Blue Ridge Mountain Getaway

Joe Almeida

Amplifii Tickets

Rebecca Richardson

TreSon Wine Cases

Adam Wagner


Sparking Change

Amie Dusa
Amorette Hernandez
Andres Munar
Andrew Wilson
Brendan McKay
Brian Shields
Cameron Cook
Carrie Gusmus
Cheryl Dempsey
Darius James
Elizabeth Montero
Gay Veale
Gerald Robinson
Isabel Williams
James Mercado
Janine Kempfer
JP Hussey
Lamont Harris Jr.
Leslie Moss
Lindsay Sills
Margie Hofberg
Mario Nevarez Jr
Matt Burkhead
Melissa Puckett
Michael Alberico
Michelle Dugan
Phil Shoemaker
Rachel Clark
Ross Sykes
Sarah Arcanti
Scott Phippen
Sheila Sanders
Shelly Heimer
Victor Malone
Whitley Cooper
Willie Newman


Andy Price
Andy Treno
Aria James
Bill Stephens
Chad Cattani
Chris Vinson
Elena Boland
Enrique Braunschweiger
Jason Turner
Jay Bunte
Jeff Tesch
Jeffrey Leinan
Jesse Brecht
Jimmy Hobson
Kevin DeLory
Kris Radermacher
Marc Summers
Matthew Oliver
Megan Marsh
Michael Cox
Michael Rankin
Nancy Bayat
Nate Davis
Robert Mahaffey
Skylar Welch
Susan Wiesner
Takiesha McFadden
Thomas Sloan
Tina McKay
Valerie Sheeley
W. Todd Bitter


Ameer Katifi
Amy Jo Tetzner
Andrew Pawlak
Anthony Frederick
Atrion Faiola
Ben Teerlink
Benjamin Bell
Brian Decker
Darren Copeland
David Temko
Emmett Dempsey
Evangeline Scott
Hanh Dao
Jade Taylor
Jamie Cavanaugh
Jason Perkins
Jon Maddux
Jonathon Haddad
Joseph Dio
Joseph Dionne
Julie Yarbrough
Lauren Miller
Major Singleton
Paul Olbrantz
Rebecca Richardson
Roger Moore
Russell Petty
Shah Tehrany 
Shawn Williams
Thomas Ahles
Toshiba Robinson
Trevor Barrett
William Caballero