How to Use Instagram Stories

With 1 billion users and some of the biggest brands joining the network, Instagram can play a major part in marketing your broker shop. Instagram is a smartphone-based social network that allows you to publish photos and videos. 

To use Instagram, you simply need a smartphone and install the Instagram app. You'll notice that just as other social networks, you can follow people, attract followers, publish photos or video posts and engage with other people's posts. Instagram has also introduced "Instagram Stories" which are a feature that lets people publish videos and photos that disappear after 24-hours. 

How to Use Instagram Stories is an AIME Marketing Webinar exclusively for AIME members. Corie Meredith, AIME's Social Media Specialist, will demonstrate the benefits of using Instagram Stories for your brand and potential content ideas for an independent mortgage broker. 

Mark your calendar for this webinar discussion on Thursday, April 15th at 2pm ET.

What you'll learn:

• A step-by-step, visual guide on how you can set up an Instagram account, post an Instagram Story and connect with your Facebook Business Page. 

• How to use Instagram Stories to convey a more powerful message than standard posts through content ideas and popular features on the Instagram app. 

• Best practices for saving your content on Instagram for repeat viewing to ensure you develop evergreen content that doesn't disappear after 24-hours.

• Inside insight into emerging platforms like TikTok where 689 million monthly active users worldwide are increasingly seeing consumers connect with brands online through short-form content similar to Instagram.

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