How to Use Data to Build Relationships with Real Estate Agents

Data is becoming an increasingly important part of marketing for mortgage brokers across the industry. Today, we gather more information about our channel's performance, our customers, and our industry than ever before. This knowledge helps brokers improve their products, customer service, and marketing. 

How to Use Data to Build Relationships with Real Estate Agents is an AIME Webinar exclusively for AIME members. Ben Teerlink, CEO and Founder of MMI, will highlight strategies to effectively organize and analyze the data you collect in order to build relationships with agents that will lead to long-standing consumer relationships. 

Mark your calendar for this webinar discussion on Thursday, March 11th at 2pm ET. 

What you'll learn:

      • Identify how real estate agents in your area are obtaining business and how effective you are in creating business transactions through relationship development. 

      • Successfully identify real estate agents in your local community who are worthy investments for financial and client relationship purposes. 

      • Build trust with prospective real estate agents by leveraging data to display your value proposition and locate potential business partnerships. 

      • Communicate your brokerage's value to agents you are interested in working with by harnessing data as a business engagement tool.

      • A step-by-step guide on properly creating a brand message to support your "About" section with business information. 

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